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January 5, 2013
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Is That You?by Sabubu

Mature Content
When I was a kid, my mom was the one who got me into horror movies. We always watched two or three before bed when I visited her. I wasn't too sensitive to them, and I'm still not. However...sometimes I think up my own monsters and those scare me.

I vaguely remember her face, so she has none. I vaguely remember her personality, so she is naked. I'm never sure if it's her or not.

Akira Yamaoka helps when you're drawing spooks.
Creepy as faaaaaak. I would almost recommend making it a lil darker in shade or more contrast on the... mnster...monser.. omg I hate this fing keyboard D< And is your neck a lil big at the base? Maybe not but just observing. Perhaps add rib shading too. And you're shining light is a lil odd curved the way it is on the top(Not horrible imo but stupid word count won't let me post less than 100 words D<) Last If it's that close to you and right infront of you I think you might want to make it a lil darker behind her, including on the background light. That's all I got =)
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